Natural Cancer Care Therapy to Strengthen Your Immune System

Natural cancer treatments use less chemical agents than do chemotherapy and radiation therapy. A common feature of such therapies is a decreased incidence of nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea, as well as an increased elimination of free radicals and a decreased incidence of leukopenia (reduced white blood cell count). These more natural therapies also tend to be effective in the early stages of the disease, with fewer side effects, than do the more radical therapies used in the advanced stages. A number of herbal remedies are also commonly used to treat many different cancers.

The holistic alternative cancer treatment approach believes that a cure can be achieved by dealing with the whole person - mind, body and spirit - rather than just treating the symptoms. Thus, holistic practitioners focus on diet, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and other non-pharmaceutical approaches. By promoting better health through less stressful lifestyle, natural therapies help people cope with the stress that often accompanies cancer treatments and, as a result, provide better quality of life. In some cases, people have actually been able to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of chemotherapy and radiation needed to kill tumors. In other cases, they have managed to eliminate their tumors while maintaining a good quality of life.

One natural cancer care technique used to fight aggressive tumors involves strengthening the patient's immune system. A common homeopathic remedy for tumor reduction is known as Beethoven. This remedy strengthens the organism by increasing its ability to fight infection, to reduce the inflammation of tumors, and to increase the patient's ability to resist infection. Beethoven is most helpful when administered prior to surgery. However, it is also recommended for use after surgery to reduce the swelling, nausea and pain associated with any operation.

Another powerful natural cancer care option is to attack the tumor directly at its source, i.e., by using a medical oncologist or medical oncology system. These are usually combined with radiation. Medical oncologists are trained specifically to provide this kind of cancer treatment. They usually treat cancer of the: lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, head and neck, bones and joints, and stomach (renal-gland cancer).

In your own cancer journey, you may need to consider additional medical integrative approach from an oncology professional. He or she can give you advice about your health care needs, as well as recommendations regarding your treatment options. You may want to find someone in your area who has received additional training in oncology. Check your local listings to find someone in your area who is a certified oncology specialist.

When you strengthen your body's defenses, you're also strengthening your ability to fight the disease. The more your immune system is activated, the more effective the cancer treatments you receive will be. If you've been diagnosed with cancer, don't let it take control of you. Instead, work with your doctor to strengthen your body's defenses against it. Together, you can find the best treatments for your type of cancer.

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